Building on the Cross FAQ

  Building on the Cross FAQ  

Frequently Asked Questions



  • How many sq. ft. will the building have?
    12420 sq. ft. Main Floor + 1176 sq. ft.
    Mezzanine(including staircase) = 13,596 sq. ft. Total
  • What will the church structure be made of?
    Church structure will be wood/steel frame.
  • What size will the walls be?
    Walls will be 6” thick.
  • What type of heating will the building have?   
    Heating will be natural gas boiler multiple hydronic/forced air with possibly partial in-floor heating.
  • Will there be air conditioning?   
    Air Conditioning will be in the entire area.
  • What will the outside walls be made of?   
    Outside walls will be wood frame covered with brick/stone from
    ground to 4 ft.; remainder EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System).
  • What type of roof will the building have?   
    Traditional asphalt roof
  • What type of drop off/pick up area will there be?   
    Covered drop off/pick up area
  • Will the Bell Tower have a bell?   
    Bell Tower may house the current bell or have current bell on display.
  • What will the landscaping look like?   
    Landscaping is to be determined
  • How many parking spaces will there be?   
    Parking lot for 130 vehicles, 7 handicap spaces with room for expansion
  • Is the building designed for future expansion?   
    Designed with expansion in mind in multiple directions.
    Includes preinstalled structure for future nave seating additions.
  • Will there be multiple floors or a basement?   
    Single floor – no basement (mechanical only mezzanine)
  • Will the building be handicap accessible including restrooms and fellowship area?   
    Completely handicap accessible and ADA compliant. A T-link system for the hearing impaired may also be included.
  • If there is no basement, where will mechanical systems be located?   
    Maintenance rooms to house furnace, air handlers, electrical, etc.
  • What type of fire protection will be available?   
    Sprinklers for fire protection using an external tank system.
  • What size of electrical service will be required?   
    600-800 amp service
  • What type of waste/sewer system will be available?   
    Holding tank for the first few years, then will add connection to the village sewer using a pressure system.
  • What type of water source will be available?   
    Well (No village water is available due to elevation of property)
  • Where will equipment such as lawn mower and snow blower be stored?   
    Site includes outbuilding for equipment storage including seasonal items, tables and chairs.



  • How large will the worship area be?   
    5116 sq. ft. Worship Center including 28’x 40’ (1120 sq. ft.) Narthex (entry area), 48’ x 72’ (3456 sq. ft.)
    Nave (seating area) and 540 sq. ft. Sanctuary (altar area)
  • How many people can the Nave seat?   
    Worship area seats 300 as shown with additional seating of 30 for Choir, plus a Cry Room.
    Extra chairs could also be added in the Narthex and Gathering Area.
  • Where will the altar be located?   
    Refurbished existing altar will be free standing at the back wall of the Sanctuary and used for decorative purposes only.
    A new Altar table for Communion will be in front of it.
  • Will Communion be standing or kneeling at a rail?   
    Communion will be standing (an optional railing could be added)
  • What type of flooring will be used?   
    Floor will be concrete covered with tile, carpet or wood laminate strip flooring. 
  • Where will the organ be located?   
    Organ pipes will be located in the back mezzanine with the console on the main level at the left side.
  • Where will the choir be located?   
    Choir will be located on the left side.
  • What type of pews will there be?   
    Pews will be padded and laid out in arched rows (not curved pews).
  • Will there be a high vaulted ceiling?   
    There will be a high vaulted ceiling for good acoustics.
  • Will there be a cry room?   
    Cry room is located in the back with visual to the pulpit and a good sound system.
  • Will it be easy to expand the Nave seating area in the future?   
    Framework is built in to add on additional space in the future.



  • How large is the Fellowship Hall?   
    56’ x 40’ 2240 sq. ft. Fellowship Hall
  • How large is the Kitchen?   
    38’ x 14’ 532 sq. ft. Warming Kitchen
  • Will the kitchen have a grease trap?   
    Outside tank for grease trap
  • Into how many rooms can the Fellowship Hall be divided?   
    The Fellowship Hall can be divided into 4 classrooms (each room 169 sq. ft.) plus a large gathering area
    that could be divided for Bible classes.
  • How many rooms will there be for the Sunday School?   
    Sunday School will be held in 4 rooms.
  • Where will Adult Bible Study be held?   
    Adult Bible Study in 1 room, part of the Gathering Area
  • Will there be space for a coffee bar and fellowship after worship?   
    There is an area around the warming kitchen for a coffee bar and fellowship after worship.
  • What type of flooring will be in the Fellowship Hall and Kitchen?  
    ?Floor will be concrete covered with tile in Fellowship Hall and Kitchen.


  • Is there room to add seating for church services?
    Additional sq. ft. could be added to seating in Nave. Special events can have expanded seating in Narthex and gathering area.
  • Is there room to move the School, Gym, Early Childhood and Daycare to the facility in the future?   
    An addition for the School, Gym, Early Childhood and Daycare can be added.
  • Is there room to include a Retirement Center?   
    There is room on the property for a Retirement Center in the future.
  • Is there room for outdoor recreational activities?   
    There is room for Athletic Fields, Park and Recreational Trails to be added in the future.